Marseille Tarot

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The Marseille tarot was the first oracle of cartomancy to emerge. All the other tarots that we know today have arisen based on their powerful arcana, which represent all human emotions. It is made up of twenty-two major arcana, which encompass a vast and deep symbology. For this reason, all areas of life can be consulted through this tarot, which has the tools to remove our doubts and take us to the next level of our existence.

Until not many years ago, accessing a tarot consultation was a privilege of the wealthy classes. For just forty minutes of his time, a tarot player collected amounts of money that for the most part were prohibitive. However, thanks to the popularization of the Internet, today we can send the tarot to any device with a connection so that you can make your consultation completely free of charge.

Get ready for the reading
The preparation to receive the tarot roll is very important so that we can interpret it clearly. In this way we will avoid jumping from one question to the other without having assimilated the previous meaning. The purpose of the tarot is to transform your reality, something that is only possible if you give yourself with all your concentration to the unfolding that has the force of each one of the meanings encapsulated in the arcana.

Get out of your mind all thoughts alien to what you are going to ask. Mind yourself on the matter that concerns you and visualize it going to the tarot deck. You are here to find solutions and the tarot will provide them one by one.

This is how the reading is carried out
Once in your mind there is only the matter you want to consult about, you will be ready to choose the three cards that will mark the beginning of your destiny from now on. Watch them carefully. They are on the reverse side, but their energy is capable of crossing the screen and reaching your consciousness. When you find one that catches your attention, choose it and click on it. The letter will begin a slow descent toward your locker. Wait for it to install and choose the next one. Do the same with the third one.
Now a message will be displayed before you. Please read it carefully as it contains the meaning that will shape your life from now on.