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When you are looking for detailed answers and thoroughness is what counts, the Egyptian tarot is the answer. The most demanding tarot players use it, especially to complement the interpretations that other tarot cards can leave open. Thanks to the exhaustive Egyptian symbolism, you will be able to close the circles that life itself sometimes leaves in the nebula, to give yourself the privilege of putting the finishing touch to your own destiny.

Get ready for the reading
Preparation for a tarot reading is as important as its interpretation. It is the bridge that will turn what we ignore into pure knowledge. To reach this state, it is necessary to spend a few minutes setting the room we are in and our minds.
Whenever we have the possibility, let's light a myrrh and a sandalwood incense, since they were two scents representative of Ancient Egypt. If we have an Egyptian deity for whom we feel devotion, now is the time to think about it and invoke it.

However, the most important thing of all is the mental attitude that we maintain throughout the preparation and while interpreting the message. The first thing is to remove from our thoughts any negative energy that tends to lead us to pessimism. Now let's focus on what we want to ask and let it act on its own, sneaking into our minds to be the only thing occupying our consciousness.
At this time, we will ask the question clearly and concisely. We are now ready to receive the answer.

How the reading is carried out
The Egyptian tarot is expressed to us through a single card. That is why it is very important to take a visual tour of all of them and let our intuition speak to lead us to the correct one. When we find it, we just have to click on it and let it reach its destination locker.

At this moment a message will be displayed before us. It is extremely important to know that it is not enough to read it, but that we will need to interpret it. This means that we must read it several times and bring it to our reality. Make sure you understand what the tarot has told you before moving on to the next question.