Love Tarot

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Love is the matter that most worries the human being. When things go wrong with our partner or when we lack someone to share our life with, everything else turns gray and austere, leaving melancholy and laziness to gain ground. That is why we all need to know what will happen the day after tomorrow regarding our romantic relationship.

Whether you are in doubt about an infidelity, you need to fix couple affairs or you want to know when that special person who changes your life will arrive, the tarot has the answers you are looking for. The arcana contain the message that your heart awaits. Thanks to the interpretation of clairvoyance, the universal symbols become personal and the response acquires a unique character for you. Dare to look for her, because she is already waiting for you.

Get ready for the reading
It is very important to dedicate at least a couple of minutes to the preparation, even if we are traveling on public transport and we need that answer now, it is possible to get it, but the important thing is the mental disposition that we put in the matter that concerns us.
Take your mind to a comfortable place and isolated from everything around you. It is the capacity for abstraction that will lead you to achieve an effective interpretation.

Separate yourself from everything around you until the question you want to ask resonates in your mind. Now repeat it inside yourself until the only thing that vibrates each of your cells.
Be careful to avoid ambiguous questions that contain the words "and" or "or." Remember that the tarot is here for you and you can ask all the questions you want. So there is no need to rush or ask two questions in one.

This is how the reading is carried out
When you access your tarot spread, a row of cards will spread out before your eyes for you to choose three of. Take a few seconds to decide which are those three that contain the message that will connect you to your destination.
Choose them one by one and wait for each one to fit in the corresponding box to choose the next one. When all three are ready, the message will be revealed to you.