Friendship Tarot

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A friend is that light at the end of the tunnel that awaits us to put a balm on our hurt soul. Friendship is one of the most important values ​​in life, since a friend is family that one chooses. When there is joy, we tend to notice that friendships abound, especially on occasions when they can benefit from us. But what happens when we are the ones who need the benefit of comfort?
Having acquaintances is simple, having contacts on social networks is fashionable, but true friendship has been losing validity and today we are more alone than ever.

It is when life becomes rigid that we need a fluffy shoulder to cry on and encouraging words that tell us how to move on. To be sure that you are surrounded by the right people, the tarot has the answers for you.
Once you have finished this tarot reading, you will be in a position to know if you are next to the right people when it comes to friendship.

Get ready for the reading
You can do this reading in several ways. One of them is to think about the friend who is making you doubt about their true feelings and loyalty, while another much used is to think about friendship in general.
In both cases, you just need to focus on the person or the feeling of friendship. Without forcing any response into your mind, allow the tarot to speak for you and fill in the gaps that doubts have left.
Always welcome your intuition, as there is no magic recipe to approach how to ask the tarot about friendship. So the one you choose will always be the right one.

This is how the reading is carried out
It is time to choose the only letter that contains the definitive answer about what you have asked. Select it and click on it. Now read in detail what he has told you, because the tarot has the wisdom that humans lack.