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I welcome you to my tarot website!
My name is Adela and since I can remember I realized that the future speaks to me. And it does not do it to benefit me, but I have become the vehicle to help others. When I began to share the messages from the future with the people around me, and they were improving their lives based on the advice they received through me, I decided to dedicate myself fully to tarot. By having the gift of clairvoyance, I can connect the tarot symbology with the messages that I receive in my subconscious. The result is a clear and accurate vision about what will happen in your life and what you can do to promote or avoid it. As time went by, she became my ally and today I am a professional who dedicates myself to helping people who are in an emotional emergency to channel their actions in order to forge their destiny.

My website was created so that you can access your tarot spread completely free of charge. I have specialized in the Marseille tarot and the Egyptian tarot, since they are the ones that have the most complete and representative symbology to connect with the events of your reality and help you transform them to your benefit.

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